Plugin: Cloudup oEmbeds

I wrote an itsy-bitsy plugin this afternoon to add oEmbed support for Cloudup, a fabulous service I use on a daily basis which was recently acquired by Automattic.

This was a fun exercise for me, inspired not only by my switch from CloudApp, but also this trac ticket, and a desire to develop my understanding1 of the plugin creation and submission process to assist my editing of the Plugin Developer Handbook2 .

I imagine the audience for this is fairly small, the service isn’t yet open to the public (although many, myself included have invites should anyone need one), and I suspect it’ll be in Jetpack before too long.

It’s up in the plugin repository, and as such can be downloaded here.

That was a fun afternoon, and I’m so excited to have written my first plugin, even if it is ridiculously small and after so many years. Baby steps, baby steps.

  1. which, as of this morning, was non-existent []
  2. OK, I admit I’m also procrastinating a tad on some masters paperwork I’ve got to sort out this week []
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