A Fresh Pair of Pink Socks

It’s been about five years or so since I had a WordPress.org install powering a weblog of my own, and not for testing, import or happiness purposes. It would seem that 3 years of WordPress.com support has turned certain areas of my brain to mush1, so I’m sincerely hoping that Ian and MT never notice the appalling mess I’ve made after a weekend of chopping Twenty Ten to bits.

Being still of impatient sort, this site is running a 3.0-alpha nightly build from yesterday, which I’ll set to auto-update on a daily basis. There are also a few plugins there too.

I now remember why I slowly stopped bothering to maintain a weblog in the first place: despite absolutely no design skills or aesthetic ability to speak of, I’m so damn anal that I can (and did) spend an entire afternoon agonising over the size and placement of one single link. I think it’s time to accept that at some point, I just have to stop faffing and start writing.

I suspect there are perhaps one, or maybe even two people still around out there who remember the previous blog, Pink Socks. I’m too mean with my money to pay the £200 necessary to get pinksocks.co.uk back. So, here we are at hanni.me after a brief flirtation with various other irksome (ha!) domain names.

It seemed fitting to move on with so much having changed in the last 7 or 8 years, on both a personal and professional level. Look ma, ain’t life grand.

  1. Simply because I’m no-longer required to code on any kind of regular basis, I should add. I’ve otherwise learned more than I could ever imagine, and couldn’t be happier..! []
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