A tale of three iPhone 4s, two untimely ends, and differing box sizes across the world

Whilst tidying came across the boxes for my three iPhone 4s (yes, three, only one of which is still alive today, I am suitably mortified1…) and noticed a few differences resulting from their differing origins: one British, one French, and one American.

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  1. I hasten to add that I’ve owned each generation of iPhone, and only one of each until the iPhone 4. I’m not sure whether this says something about the solidity of the iPhone 4 versus the previous models, or just my increasing clumsiness. []

AppleTV, HandBrake, and MetaX

This Christmas I spent some time ripping part of my DVD collection for consumption via the Apple TV1. To do this I used the excellent HandBrake, followed by MetaX to efficiently add the necessary metadata and thumbnail artwork2. All was going swimmingly until we settled down one afternoon to watch one of the aforementioned films and oh, it was just one long, black image. Five minutes of furious testing and Googling later, it turned out to be a conflict between the settings I was using in HandBrake and MetaX. I’m documenting this here in case anyone else should run into the same issue3.

The Apple TV preset in Handbrake makes uses of the “Large file size” option, which can be seen below:

Now, unfortunately, by default MetaX will choke on files from HandBrake created using the above Apple TV preset. To fix this, and therefore end up with working movie files, you need to enable 64-bit mode in MetaX from within preferences4 :

So, there you have it: in order to successfully pass files created using HandBrake’s Apple TV preset through MetaX, you need to enable support for large files within MetaX’s preferences.

  1. Whilst I was initially sceptical about the second-generation AppleTV and its lack of onboard storage, this simple little box has turned out to be quite the media nirvāna []
  2. without which I’d naturally be unable to relax and enjoy my iTunes library []
  3. And so hopefully won’t have to re-rip 30 or so films! []
  4. As you can see, it’s helpfully labeled “Enable support for large files”. []
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