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Learning to consider prior prejudice

Together, all of these studies support the theory of “motivated reasoning”: The idea that our prior beliefs, commitments, and emotions drive our responses to new information, such that when we are faced with facts that deeply challenge these commitments, we fight back against them to defend our identities. So next […]

Plugin: Cloudup oEmbeds

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 18.09.17

I wrote an itsy-bitsy plugin this afternoon to add oEmbed support for Cloudup, a fabulous service I use on a daily basis which was recently acquired by Automattic. This was a fun exercise for me, inspired not only by my switch from CloudApp, but also this trac ticket, and a […]

I was raising serious questions about the whole basis of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, and I actually went through considerable detail as to what I thought was wrong about it. Nothing I’ve seen in reality has changed it. I’m not denying that monopolies are terrible things, but I […]

“When we have déjà vu, we don’t act on it,” Moulin says. “But these people refused to watch television, they stopped reading the newspaper.” The patients were what cognitive scientists call “anosagnosic” — unaware of their condition. They also found situations to be more than just familiar; they believed that […]

…The real problem is that so many people have thought the internet would be an unalloyed good; in part that’s because it has had plenty of cheerleaders, especially companies that stand to benefit from it – especially companies that stand to benefit from its growth. And nobody likes to be […]

Life Lessons

3 things I learned while my plane crashed: Ric Elias on Just watched this. Puts many life change I’m pondering right now into perspective. Hum. He learned: To no-longer postpone anything To eliminate negative energy: no-longer try to be right, but try to be happy That the most important […]